Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: The Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts and Sewing for Children

I'm not actually endorsed to advertise any books (yea, I wish!), but I thought I'd start passing on really great books to you now and again. This book was full of really great ideas! Not all of them are for kids, but they're all great. Faux stained glass from produce baskets, beautiful flowers from old aluminum cans, checkerboard from old jeans, TV tray made into laundry hamper... there's lots of fun stuff and templates for everything in the back.

Now, being a really cheap, "let's not waste our resources" kind of person, I naturally checked out this book from the library. I highly recommend this method of reading. Public libraries are awesome (although I've never seen one so awesome as the one we have here in Iowa city). Here's my method of craft book "shopping" with a little help from the public library:
  1. browse amazon for your favorite topics, paying close attention to the "you also might like" section
  2. Write down the titles you're interested in
  3. Look them up in the library catalog and  A. get them if they have them or B. request them for purchase from your library. (aka, suggest the library buy it so you can read it)
  4. Enjoy!
I have never been turned down a book request from my library unless it contains removable patterns that could be lost or destroyed easily. Seriously, try it!  All sorts of great free books at your fingertips!

Here is my most recent Library requested book:
It is a really awesome book with great ideas about getting kids sewing. And, yes, there are plenty of recycled toys ideas because many of the items are made from discarded clothing.

Okay, now I'm going to sound just like a PBS commercial: So, friends, enjoy these and many, many other wonderful books at your own public library! (for free :)