Monday, April 5, 2010

paper bag mad hatter

At a recent church party, there was an Alice in Wonderland theme and they made these really cute, simple hats out of paper bag so we could be "mad hatters." I thought it was a great idea for kids, too!

Time: 5 minutes + decorating
Skills needed: none
Materials needed: 1 paper bag, decorations

1. Roll down the edge of the paper bag. (This is kind of tricky not to rip it so be careful!) It will naturally get smaller and smaller as you roll. When the hat is the size of your head, stop rolling.
2. optional: tuck in the top corners to give the hat a rounded looking edge
3. decorate with silly stickers, pipe cleaners, and pom poms!
4. Enjoy!
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Unknown said...

Where did you find the plain paper bags? I can't find any!