Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tuna can bean bag juggler

Time required: 15 minutes
Skills needed: screwing
Materials needed:
  • one piece of scrap wood- 1" x 2", about a foot long
  • 2 empty, cleaned tuna cans
  • 2 short screws (or you could use nails if you have very short ones with a big head)
  • screwdriver
  • one homemade beanbag or small ball

1. Using an awl or a hammer and nail, make a small hole in the center of each of the cans. Now make a similar starter hole in each of the boards, about an inch from the end.

2. Screw the screw through the hole in the can and into the board.

3. Enjoy!

How to play:
Put the bean bag in one of the cans and then throw it into the air. While the beanbag is midair, try to flip the stick over so you can catch it in the other can. Repeat!

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