Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TP Castle

Skills Required: scissor skills and creativity (medieval architecture skills would help, too...)
Time Required: 15 minutes, plus painting

A bunch of Toilet paper rolls, Paper towel rolls, and any other paper cylinder you can find.
a scrap or chipboard (cereal box, etc.)
Tape or hot glue

1. Cut the tops of each roll with castle tower-top design. I did ten slits and then cut off every other square.
2. Paint the Castle your desired colors (I did this after assembly, and it was really difficult to paint in the corners)
3. Arrange the rolls like a castle. I had a hard time with this at first, but then I just thought, if it were my castle, I'd want high walls all around with several higher towers as well. So, I just put mine mostly in a circle, then put some small ones resting above and to the side of others. Do it however you like, though! Leave a gap in the middle front for the drawbridge.
4. Cut a piece of chipboard to be about the height of your walls. Cut out doors in the front center.
5. Tape or hot glue it all together. Hot glue would be more sturdy, but Tape was our choice so that the kids could help.
6. Play! of course, my Daughter was way better at decorating the castle than me! (and I promise she's never seen the Monty python where they launch livestock off the towers!)

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