Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alex the Altiod can magnetic paper doll

Magnetic paper dolls for everyone! I decided to make this image available for free to all my awesome readers. You can make an Altoids can doll like this one for the boy in your life. Just follow the instructions for the girl doll.

I hope you enjoy this! Hopefully coming soon is a less choke-able, less lose-able girl doll pattern, too!
PS- This is for personal use only, Please!


Jared & Tristan said...

I love this idea. I don't see a full page for the print out though. If you could post that on here it would be great... I know you're busy with your new gorgeous baby at home now, so don't worry about it if you don't have the time :)

Lauren said...

I found your blog when googling "altoids crafts." I really love this idea and did the girl version easily. But there is no "Full page" version of this on your blog - when I copy the image it is pixelated. Please provide a better copy, and thanks for the cool idea!