Saturday, June 19, 2010


So, for the winners...

I decided to be old fashioned and  print out the entries and draw them out of a hat. Since there were two winners, I had each of my kids draw out a paper- I figure they were the least biased because they can't even read yet :)

And the winners are.... (drumroll, please!)

Amy Jean and Andrea!

But, as a surprise, I have a present for EVERYONE who entered! I will be sending a digital copy of the boy doll pattern for FREE to everyone who entered! That way you can make your own! When you make them, please send pictures so we can all see your cute dolls! Thanks for all of your support! Congratulations, winners!

PS- I have e-mailed the "runners Up" prize already. If you entered the contest, but didn't get a runners up prize yet, it's because you didn't tell me your e-mail address. Please e-mail me ( so I can send one to you, too!

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